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Application Guide  

Advanced DC Motors

Electric Vehicle Motor Application Guide

Five series-wound DC motors are designed for use in on-road electric vehicles. Select the motor which best suits the type and size of vehicle, and the conditions under which it is likely to be used.

The part numbers of the five motors are (click on part number for specifications):






Typical application for various motors:

Up to 750 kg

K91-4003 Lightweight (e.g. motorcycle)
X91-4001 Low current draw, range-minded
L91-4003 Higher acceleration and performance

750 to 1250 kg

X91-4001 Very efficient, range orientated
L91-4003 Excellent acceleration and performance
203-06-4001 High performance, good in hilly areas

1250 to 1600 kg

L91-4003 Commuting with few hills
203-06-4001 Performance oriented, hills & inclines
FB1-4001 Hills, inclines & payloads

1600 to 2000 kg

203-06-4001 City commuter vehicle
FB1-4001 Heavy loads, area with hills & inclines

Advanced DC Motors operate in the range 48 to 144 Volts DC.

Range of voltage operation for individual models is as follows:

K91-4003 48 - 96 VDC
X91-4001 72 - 144 VDC
L91-4003 72 - 120 VDC
203-06-4001 72 - 120 VDC
FB1-4001 72 - 144 VDC

Please note:

The above is a guide only, as supplied by the motor manufacturer. Actual performance may vary depending on factors such as terrain, vehicle setup and driving style.

In no event will Electric Vehicle Motors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind resulting from from the use of products or services, or information published on this web site.

Motors for Small Electric Vehicles

Advanced DC Motors produces motors to suit small EVs (like on-site vehicles, golf carts, people movers). We offer two models for use in the 24 to 48 Volt range (click on part number for specifications).

A90-4002 Operating range 24 to 36V
A00-4009 Operating range 36 to 48V

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