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FB1-4001 Motor

The top of the range. This motor gives stunning acceleration in a car 1200 to 1500kg. Drives a 2000kg vehicle very well. High torque means you get superb pulling power from a standstill or accelerating from low speed.

Ideal for sports or racing cars. Has been successfully used in heavy electric vehicles.

Operating range 72 to 144V
Weight: 65kg
Diameter: 23cm (9.1") Length: 39.7cm (15.6")

At 72 Volts

Continuous rating: 12.8 kw (17.0 hp)
Peak output: 31.5 kw (42.0 hp)

At 96 Volts

Continuous rating: 15.0 kw (20.0 hp)
Peak output: 52.5 kw (70.0 hp)

At 120 Volts

Continuous rating: 19.0 kw (25.2 hp)
Peak output: 63.8 kw (85.0 hp)

At 144 Volts

Continuous rating: 21.5 kw (28.5 hp)
Peak output: 75.0 kw (100.0 hp)

Generating up to 100 horsepower at 144V, this motor redefines the concept of a car that is "fun to drive"!

Download Technical Data

The following performance characteristic graphs (torque curves) for this motor are available as downloads (PDF files, require Acrobat Reader to open).

144 Volt (File size 912 KB)


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